Archives 1988-93

Plastic Money

Exercise Your Right

See the Same Tonight

The Puzzle

The Shore

I'm a Politician

The Blues

Little John

Don't Bite the Hand

  We're going way back here to a collection of songs recorded on an old Tascam 8-track reel to reel tape deck with a cheesy Alesis drum machine. Despite the technological limitations there are some good moments. Check out 'Plastic Money', a rap and roll song that was a favorite of one of my old Colorado bands, Exit 269. 'Exercise Your Right' and 'See the Same Tonight' are two of my favorites in this collection and feature the vocals of Diana Perkins.

'The Shore' is another oldie that would probably make a good country song with the right singer. Back when I used to enter these things, I won an award from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest with that one.