Dreaming In Color

Fallin' Off the Edge of the World


Chase a Dream

Dreaming In Color

I Love the Blues

Hitchhikin' Blues

Blues For Breakfast

Thirteenth Street Girl

MCWBB 1998

Tom and Mary

  These songs were recorded around 1998-1999 at Gilmore Studios in Long Beach, a little hole in the wall place behind a low-budget music store in the hood.

In terms of songwriting, this collection definitely has some of my best. Chase a Dream, Dreaming In Color, and Fallin' Off the Edge of the World are three of my favorite songs although I was never happy with these versions. I am planning to re-record them when I get the chance.

I got a lot of help on these tunes from my then music collaborator, Steve Ledesma. In fact, Steve and I co-wrote I Love the Blues, which was later published by Woodrich Publishing in Alabama. He sings lead on that one and his acoustic rhythm and backup vocals are on several other songs.

The acoustic blues songs on this CD (Blues For Breakfast, Hitchhikin' Blues, and Thirteenth Street Girl) were staples of my live solo shows for years.