Road to Now

Perfect Day

Sugar Jones

The Garden

Gainesville Girl


The Middle Class White Boy Blues

Diesel Town


The King

Colorado Looks like California Now

Heaven is Right Here

The Last Hours of Jimmy C

Trying to Remember a Dream


  Diesel Town

Broken down in diesel town
Sun is falling out of the sky
Two hundred miles
Of separation from my girl
Wish I had wings
Darlin' I'd fly

Grease monkey man beneath my truck
He's out of grease, I'm out of luck
Two hundred miles
Of highway lit by the moon
I'm sorry girl
I'll be home soon

From a telephone booth
Outside the truck stop diner
Out on State Road 88
Your voice is clear
Music to my ear
But our lips will have to wait
Gonna have to wait

Midnight in my motel gloom
Headlights throw shadows around my room
Two hundred miles
And a knock on my door
The one I love, that I adore
The one I love, that I adore
That pretty girl that I adore